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I am STARMON!   I’m a shimmering yellow star-shaped being who likes to stay hidden behind my cool dark shades.

But I’m not shy, not really.  Just don’t ask me to take the shades off, stars burn pretty bright so this STARMON has to shield myself from the glare!   Some say stars are burning out, but I think I am proof that stars are alive and well and ready for FUSION ACTION!  Behind those tinted specs I’ve got my eye on all my PICKMON partners and the other DIGIMON.  Together we are a valuable DIGI-FORCE to be reckoned with.

Words to describe STARMON?Friendly.  Enthusiastic!  Super bright.  Real STAR quality! Helpful too. A total team player! Along with the PICKMON, I can form all kinds of DIGI-FORMS that help SHOUTMON in battle.  We create weapons like a SWORD or an AXE or a SLINGSHOT.  The STAR SWORD is formed when I team up with the silver PICKMON.  The STAR AXE is formed when I join forces with 7 white PICKMONS.  And the STAR SLINGSHOT is elastic and is created with silver PICKMONS to help SHOUTMON launch himself at our enemies, like Pteramon.  We are great partners to have in the DIGI-BATTLE because you have to be ready at all times…and STARS are BORN ready.

I am always ready to team up with all the different Pickmon to help my DIGIMON friends fight the battle to save the Digital World.  We are like ambush masters for TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS! Together we fight the good fight, STARMON style! It sounds very complicated but it is not. GO TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS!