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Digi-shout outs to everybody!  I am the one and only SHOUTMON!

I like my name in all caps –it’s like I’m SHOUTING!!!  I am a Mini-Dragon Digimon. I’m from a far off place in the Digital World called the Village of Smiles. You can find me and the other Digimon traveling the Digi-zones collecting Code Crowns. That’s because the digital world needs our help!  So we’re on a digi-adventure to save it!

One day, I’ll be DIGIMON KING. Until then, I’m leader of TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS - top digi-dog!  Check out the microphone. It’s kinda my thing. Shoutmon without his mic isn’t a Shoutmon at all. Don’t mess with the mic and you and I will get along just fine.

Words to describe me: Loyal, enthusiastic, musical, loud, a real wise guy. I guess I tend to be a little bit hot-blooded. Oh, and I’m a great friend to all my Digi-Pals. My heart’s definitely in the right place even if my ‘bellow blaster’ gets released at the wrong time.  Oops, my bad!  That’s when I use my mic to amplify my energy and blast my opponents!

Where do I get all of my awesome energy? From my voice!  My singing voice is awesome if I do say so myself. When I sing, the sounds get converted to real energy.  Then it’s on! I can fuse into even more powerful hybrid-Digimon!  So if you hear me shout  ‘rowdy rocker’ you better back up! As long as I’ve got the energy, this rocker’s ready!  I will stay and fight to the end. Why? Because I strike fear in the hearts of our foes!  I guess that’s why the other Digimon say I’m ferocious.  I’m ready for my next adventure in the Digital World.  I say c’mon bring it! They don’t call me SHOUTMON for nothing!  Let’s do this!