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We are PICKMON!  Guitar pick shaped DIGIMON who work with STARMON to battle evil and save the Digital World.

Some of us are silver triangle shaped DIGIMON with two horns on our heads.  Sort of like a Viking guitar pick! Others are solid yellow and super cheerful.  And some PICKMON are red with red horns. Pretty picking awesome!  We’re shaped like a guitar pick because we rock!  Seriously, we do!  We’re like cheerleaders, always ready to cheer on the team!  We are part of the STARMON corp.  We’re like ambush fighters for TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS! We love to help out!

Words to describe PICKMON. Hard working. Enthusiastic! I guess you could say we are “picky” when it comes to ideas.  Get it?  Picky!  For us, the cooler the scheme the more excited we are!  PICKMON love to try out new ideas. If it’s interesting, we say give it a try!  We work with TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS in the battle to save the Digital World from the evil and ruthless Lord Bagra.  You know what we say, the more the mightier.  Along with Mikey, his human friends, Shoutmon and all the other DIGI’s, we make quite a team.

We communicate across the Digital World telepathically!  We can send warnings and messages using our PICKMON MINDS! With the help of Mikey’s FUSION LOADER, PICKMON can also take on all kinds of DIGI-FORMS.  It’s really awesome.   In battle, Mikey will yell DIGI-FUSE and we PICKMON fuse together to create a STAR AXE or a STAR SWORD or even a STAR SLINGSHOT!  Now that’s some DIGI-FUSION teamwork!   In the Digital World, you gotta act fast.  That’s because in a DIGI-BATTLE you never know what danger lurks around the corner.  PICKMON’S motto is FUSE it or LOSE it!