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What’s a human like me doing in a place like this?

The answer is kind of complicated. I’m Mikey Kudo. Kudo…sounds like JUDO! I’m in the 7th grade. See, the thing is I was transported here into the Digital World along with my two best friends, Angie and Jeremy. At first I was like ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE! Then we met Shoutmon. He’s like this digital dude. A Digimon. Then things got a bit scary and we were saved by this Digi-machine who calls himself Ballistamon. Let’s just say after I met the Digimon life got pretty interesting. Now I’m a human fighting a battle to save the digital world! Check me out!

Words to describe me? I’m quick. A born leader! Fast on my feet. Fair.  At least I try to be.  Sometimes I look before I DIGI-LEAP!  That gets me into trouble but Angie’s always there with advice…she likes to keep me grounded.  I’ll do just about anything for my friends, including my new DIGI-PALS. I’m totally breaking curfew!  Hey, it wasn’t my choice to go all ‘digital’, but it IS my choice to stay and help my new DIGI-BUDDIES fight this battle. When Shoutmon gives me a ‘shout out’, I’m there for him.  Can’t ignore the ACTION!  Can’t ignore the FUN!

I use this DIGI-VICE know as a Fusion Loaderthat lets me mash Digimon together to create brand new Digimon.  You know what I say, “Double the Digimon, double the DIGI-FUN!” These tricked out hybrid Digimon have all kinds of cool powers that help us do battle against this evil dude Lord Bagra.  Him I do NOT like. Just think, before I was just a kid hangin’ out with my friends.  Now, I’m a Kid Defender and the fate of the Digital World lies in my hands.Team Fusion Fighters to the rescue!