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Okay, so the name is Jeremy.   I go to school with Angie and Mikey.

Don’t ask me how but suddenly we’re transported into this Digital World where all this crazy stuff starts happening and I’m like ‘huh?’  We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!  Back in school things made more sense. Mikey and I loved to challenge each other every now and then to keep things interesting.  But here in the digital dimension, we’re working together.  We’ve teamed up with these Digimon to form TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS.  Go TEAM!

Words to describe the me?  Let’s be honest, I am opinionated.  I am strong willed. But I’m a pretty straight up dude.  I mean, if I think it I’m probably gonna say it and you might not like it.  Tough, that’s the way I roll.  Sure, it gets me into trouble with the team, but c’mon, why does everyone have to be so sensitive all the time? I have a knack for being able to read our enemies, ninja style.  That means I know what they’re thinking and I can usually figure out what their next move is gonna be.  This skill helps us in battle. While Mikey is more of a strategist, I’m the guy that sees things through to the end!  We make a pretty good team.

Here in the Digital World, we’re battling greater enemies than I’ve every dreamt about so we kind of have to work together.  So I guess Mikey and I are becoming pretty good friends in this place.  The Digital World is like this weird alternate reality but it’s real, believe me.  You think this stuff can’t get you just because it’s digital and you’re human…think again!