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My name is Cutemon! I’m a pink and cuddly fairy DIGIMON with giant rabbit-like ears that help me hear DIGIMON from far far away.

I guess you could say I’m pretty cute! That’s why you will always see me wearing my purple headphones.  These ears really do hear everything!  Oh, and I never leave my DIGI-HOME without my trusty pink scarf. I am a member of TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS.

Words to describe me? Cute, or course!  I’m Pink.  Fuzzy.  Very loyal.  I’ve got some real pep in my hop.  I like to cheer on the team. I also have healing powers that let me help Mikey and the other humans and DIGIMON too.  If they are injured I can use my powers to make them feel better!  And even though I look small, I can lift really heavy objects when I need to!  In battle, I surprise the DIGIMON with my strength.  Just because I’m cute, doesn’t mean I can’t help out the team!  I work with ANGIE in the battle to save the Digital World.  When it comes to winning the battle, I say fuse it or lose it.

You can usually find me tagging along with my good DIGI-PAL Dorulumon.  He looks like a big, bad wolf with a bright orange mane but to me he is a friend and a protector.  I met Dorulumon one day after my village was attacked by the evil Bagra Army. That’s when Dorulumon saved me from a gang of Goblimon bandits!  Bad Goblimon!  If Dorulumon didn’t show up I don’t know what would have happened to CUTEMON!  Now we travel the Digital World together.  Cutemon will do anything for Dorulumon. Go Team Fusion Fighters…CUTEMON to the rescue!