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I am Ballistamon! B-A-L-L-I-S-TA-M-O-N.  I am a MACHINE.

I am a robot of few words but I will try to tell you about myself.  A heavy Metal Mega-Machine.  I am Shoutmon’s greatest Digi-friend!  When he is facing trouble, I am by his side. In the fight to save the Digital World, I am a mighty warrior and ready to rumble. I am a mechanic for TEAM FUSION FIGHTERS…if it is broken, BALLISTAMON can fix it!  If there is a gadget that we need, BALLISTAMON will manufacture it!

My appearance:  I am a made of metal with blue and red panels and a powerful metal horn on top.  Warning: Do not touch the horn. I repeat, do not touch the horn.  Those who do will find themselves in a Digi-world of pain!  I am made of impenetrable steel – if my arms are swinging –please stand clear.  I am coated from head to horn with body armor that protects my primary function:  to help Shoutmon. Failure does not compute.

According to my data bank, I have been described as: Powerful. Strong. Tough as nails. All accurate descriptions.  They say I am Machine-like.  This is inaccurate.  I AM a machine.  I am a ROBOT.  Therefore I am ROBOTIC.  To Shoutmon I am loyal. I will do whatever he needs me to do to protect my digi-friends and to complete our mission.  I am a very dependable robot. I am a good friend to MIKEY, ANGIE and JEREMY, too.  I have been programmed to share. I’m Digi-generous! I can lend my powerto another Digimon by changing into ‘Enhanced-Armor Mode.’ Humans have a popular saying: sharing is caring.

In Battle, never under estimate a machine…with one quick strike of my “RAM SLAMMER” or my “HOOK ‘EM HORN” I help SHOUTMON DIGI-DOMINATE!